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It’s Never Too Early to Redesign Your Home For Messy Newborns and Toddlers

When we’re expecting a guest to our home, we prepare like crazy. We change the tablecloth, the curtains or drapes, and we even scrub every inch of the kitchen counter. This same passion we have for entertaining our guests is carried over to when we’re expecting the arrival of a newborn.

While you need to child-proof your homes in every way imaginable, you should also think about the aesthetics that will welcome your newborn. First, look for a newborn photographer in Melbourne who can schedule a photoshoot as soon as your baby comes out. Most mothers prefer to do the photoshoot two to three days after giving birth. The photographer will be able to capture the rawness of this newest member of your family.

Scheduling your newborn photoshoot will also allow you to visualize how you’re going to design your new home. Where are you going to hang a framed enlarged photo of your newborn? Can you do a collage and where should you place it? It may seem like your house should be the farthest thing from your mind when you’re an expecting mother, but the arrival of a newborn will change everything in your lives and in your home.

Baby-proof the house

Even if your newborn is six months away from crawling and walking around the house, start baby-proofing the house by putting corner guards on the tables and any sharp corners that your newborn baby might bump into. You should also invest in sturdy rubber mats so when your baby starts crawling, he won’t bruise his knees.

Prepare the nursery room

If you’re a few months away from giving birth and you haven’t already started on your nursery room, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. By the time you give birth, you won’t have the time nor the energy to prepare the nursery room. So, build the crib, hang the mobile, iron the beddings, and put up that changing area. There wouldn’t even be enough time to take a bath or brush your hair once the baby has arrived so until he’s a tiny weeny pea in your womb, bring all your energy into preparing that nursery.

Put up photos and other mementos

Do you still have a copy of the very first ultrasound? Put that up in a frame and hang it on the wall of your living room or the nursery room. When your baby finally arrives, carry him around the room and point at photos of his very first ultrasound, as well as the photos of the rest of the family.

Clean your storage space

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Your baby is going to have a lot of stuff. An old crib, an old stroller, an old rocker… your baby will eventually grow out of these and you’ll need extra space to store these. Maybe you’re going to save them for a future baby or you’ll want to volunteer them, but you need that extra storage space. Also, you will have to replace and move some of your furniture to give way to more baby stuff.

Your newborn is going to take a lot of space in your home so it’s important you start redesigning it in time for his arrival. You can even turn this activity into a bonding time with your partner. Preparing the nursery or even something as simple as assembling the crib will make you closer than you ever were before.

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