The Different Videos Your Business Needs, Explained

In the same way different film genres try to elicit distinct emotions, business videos also have different purposes. There are three kinds of businesses videos: sales videos, product videos and corporate videos. How do you know which type your business needs?

Sales video

A sales video is specifically designed to help pull a prospect over the line and close the deal quickly. When your sales representative delivers a presentation to prospective clients, incorporating a sales video into their presentation helps them make a sale. It may also play on your website to persuade visitors to make a purchase.

Sales videos usually contain a detailed look at your products and services, facilities, after sales support and service, and testimonials. Your objective here is to boost the confidence of your customers to invest in what you have to offer.

You will be emphasising the ability of your organisation to deliver the proper product and back it up with superb service and support. Alternatively, you can show it to your sales staff as part of their training.

sales presentation

Product video

Product videos are produced to showcase a product or service offered by your business. They can be made as an introduction or explanation of a product and its key features, a very technical explanation of a service or product, or an elaborate extension of a TV advert.

In a product video, the features and benefits of your product can be detailed without being constrained by the usual thirty-second limit for adverts. The goal is to let the viewers gain a better understanding of your product in a way that makes them feel like they need it.

It is basically a show-and-tell reassuring them that securing your product or service is a wise purchasing decision. Your product videos can play in showrooms, exhibitions, points of purchase and online, on your website or on online shopping platforms.

Corporate video

A corporate video is tailor-made to promote the corporate image and be an outstanding presentation of your organisation.

When producing a corporate video, the key aspects of your company’s values, ethics, and philosophy should be highlighted, as well as your product range and spread of services. Do not hesitate to position your organisation’s assets, values and products against those of your competitors. Your corporate video has to make your viewers respect your organisation and see what makes your business different.

Corporate videos can be used for business-to-consumer interactions, but they are usually utilised for financial, technical or shareholder presentations, among others. It can be played at the start of an Annual General Meeting (AGM), a business-to-business sales pitch, or during the presentation to potential partners or to government authorities.

If you wish to broaden your organisation’s reach to international stakeholders, consider translating your corporate video into different language versions.

Knowing what kind of video you would need for specific business purposes is important when you are seeking to produce it. This way, you could avoid confusion when explaining the project to your in-house production team or when coordinating with a production company.

corporate team

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