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The Latest Fads in Interior Design During COVID-19

This pandemic has spawned a slew of trends in home design, from a sudden appetite for storage systems to a strong liking for organic colors. It gave us so much time (literally) to rethink, repurpose, and redecorate our living quarters, so much so that we approach interior design more differently now.

Here are seven home design styles that became more popular during the lockdown:

A Change of Floor Plan

Homeowners are now moving away from an open floor layout. Because of the shelter-in-place orders, everyone is forced to carry out all their responsibilities—at work and in school—in the comforts of their own home. For large families, an open floor plan can be quite a hassle. While it offers more space for movement, it provides no sense of privacy. Family members have a hard time performing their duties with the amount of distraction present in open layouts. That is why some homeowners are rethinking closed floor plans to create a more conducive environment for remote employment and online learning. To adjust to the lack of private spaces, some families are repurposing parts of their homes for makeshift offices and study areas.

A Liking for Renovation

This pandemic has forced people to become more resourceful, especially when it comes to their living quarters. Since they need more space to accomplish paperwork, administer Zoom meetings, create video content, or perform at-home workouts, they have been repurposing spare rooms in their residences. Many people are sprucing up their attics to serve as office spaces. Since it offers better acoustic and less ambient noise, the attic has become the go-to area for renovation during the lockdown. Some are also setting up their private offices in the basement, under the staircase, and other unused spaces—any area to create some sort of separation from other parts of the house.

The Need for Fitness Rooms

Since most gyms are nonoperational, folks took it upon themselves to renovate their basements into exercise rooms. Full-body workouts require more space, especially if you use the equipment. While some make use of their bedrooms or living rooms to perform moderate-intensity exercises, some prefer to go all the way and create their own fitness space. There has been a surge in sales in workout equipment due to the coronavirus pandemic. The demand for treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical equipment, and rowing machines increased by 170%. You can say that people are taking fitness seriously this time around.

An Appetite for Utilitarian Pieces

As a result of the COVID-19, people have developed a strong liking for multi-functional home equipment. Homeowners prefer buying furniture pieces that provide extra storage. With the need to reduce clutter and keep the house minimal, multi-purpose furnishings such as an ottoman-table and sofa-storage are becoming popular additions to home interiors. People have also been demonstrating interest in cabinets, drawers, and cupboards that offer added compartments.

Modern living room

A Shift to Smart Technologies

Due to stay-at-home orders, families are now investing in technology to make their lives more convenient. Homes are cashing in on personal computers, Wi-Fi, and other technological gadgets to assist them in their e-learning and work-from-home setup. But more than that, more people realize the value of home automation. The pandemic has seen a surge in automation technologies because of the convenience and security it brings to the table. Biometrics systems and surveillance cameras are becoming in demand and automated home systems and smart devices. From smart lighting fixtures to smart home entertainment equipment, people are trying to integrate technologies in every aspect of their at-home life.

A Penchant for Nature

Since people spend almost ninety-nine percent of their time indoors, they try to integrate elements of the outdoors into their homes. People have been obsessing overturning their living quarters into a jungle, peppering it with potted plants in all shapes and sizes. Lush greens have become beloved decorative pieces in the age of pandemic as they greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of home interiors. Let’s say they add an element of comfort amid the chaos. To match the color palette of a nature-inspired space, many homeowners are picking out furniture pieces with an earthy color palette. From their furniture upholstery to their ornamental knickknacks, people are opting for soothing organic hues for their home interior.

A Different Taste in Design

Homeowners are spending their time refurbishing their kitchen pantries. With so much time locked up in their homes, people are finding a new-found interest in cooking as well as dining with the entire family. With the increased activity in the kitchen, people are trying to improve every nook and cranny of their favorite part of the house. They are rethinking the overall design and floor layout of their pantries and even reconstructing their compartments. Some are investing in their wine rooms and home bars, especially now that restaurants and pubs are closed. People want to have a good time in their homes, and the kitchen is the best place to have fun during this lockdown.

Indeed, these design trends demonstrate how people tailor their homes to meet their needs in the new normal. They might have faced challenges this year, but the good thing is that people always find ways to adjust to the times.

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