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Tips for Maximising the Impact of Your Business Cards

Business cards are known for reflecting a company’s signature and communicating the rank and position of the individuals representing the business. They also promote brand images and services, among others.

There are various styles of business cards that you can explore to express your company’s uniqueness. They come in recycled paper types, folding cards and the standard size. Because of their potential for networking and the promotion of business, many companies are working their way to maximise the use of business cards that are usually given out to partners and stakeholders.

Business cards are more than just a piece of paper that has your contact information and details. With the right planning and customisation, their design and engineering can also be an alternative marketing platform. Here are some you can maximise the potential of your business cards.

Product Lists

Business cards have two sides and only one side is usually used for printing. But printing companies do allow printing on both sides so you should take advantage of this empty space to advertise your products or services.

Businesses in the retail industry, for instance, can have their products enumerated in a list at the back portion of the card. Some service-oriented businesses can also write short description about their specialized services and offers. The detailed side can hold the company’s prominent logo. Some companies also include an image of their most identifiable product for brand retention and recognition.

Leaving the Reverse Side Empty

person holding a blank card and a phoneSome businesses, however, prefer to customise their business cards on their own so it may be better to keep the back part of the card empty. Printing companies should be advised beforehand not to coat the back part in an aqueous or matte finish so that it will be easier to write important notes on it.

The company executives can also write their own quotation and other important information in this empty space. They can also leave their signature and personal number on the back part if they are giving out cards to intimate friends or particular clients.

Folded Business Cards

Folded business cards have the most potential if you are thinking of maximising the use of business cards. They have a bigger space to carry more information, images and other important details of the company. They can even double as a gift tag for giveaways on special occasions.

There are also companies that creatively make a double purpose folding business card. They place perforations along the fold so that it can be easily torn in half. The other part can be another card or used as a discount coupon for services and products.

Business cards may be a simple networking tool, but they have a lot of potential for marketing and advertising. You just need to be creative in designing your card to maximise its potential and make the most out of its conceptualisation and printing costs. It is also important to showcase your company’s signature style, branding and logo for easier recognition and memory retention.

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