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Interior Design 101: Incorporating Your Culture Into Your Home

After a whole day of hard work or an active lifestyle, people usually seek one destination only- home. Regardless of your residence, palace, mansion, apartment, or duplex, your home will always be your sanctuary.

For this reason, it’s critical to make your home a space that reflects your style, personality, and taste. Further, the interior design you use for your home should reflect who lives under its roof. You and your family should constantly be reminded of where you came from through your home’s design.

One of the best ways to share who you are is to integrate your culture into the interior of your home. Your culture plays a massive role in your whole family’s upbringing. And when culture is incorporated into the design of your interiors, you can infuse into it everything you do daily.

Here are the reasons why culture should play a part in the design of your home’s interior.

The Domino Effect

Decorating your home with your culture in mind is an excellent way to express your beliefs and all the factors that make you whole as an individual. The culture you integrate into your home can create a domino effect that can be tremendously positive.

For example, if you place culturally specific items in your kitchen, such as herbs, spices, and utensils, people who see these things might get inspired to create a dish related to the culture. Or, if you were raised in Greece, you could bring the fresh and modern Greek interior design into your home, allowing you to show your guests how pairing the shades of white and blue can create a welcoming effect.

Moreover, adding accent pieces such as wallpapers, rugs, and tapestries that have a direct link to your culture can be a great conversation topic. It gives people something interesting to talk about and allows you to share more details about your cultural background.

Connecting to Religion

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Culture and religion often have significant links. However, you may find it challenging to express your religious beliefs without making your home look like mumbo-jumbo.

If you let your culture subtly play a role in your home interiors through photography, accent pieces, or color palettes, you will eventually realize that several elements of your beliefs are quite visible in every corner of your home.

This could be as simple as hanging a few mini rosaries on your wall, or it could be a bit lowkey by using the vivid blues of the Mediterranean Sea into your living rooms decor. You don’t always have to be very specific with the designs. After all, religion comes in different forms, and as long as you appreciate how your house boasts about your religion, you will always feel at peace at home.

When Family Members Have Different Cultures

Couples can come from different backgrounds with different cultures. One of the best ways to show appreciation to your spouse’s culture is by mixing your two cultures in the design of your home.

Besides, this is a great way to represent your individuality even though you both live under the same roof. There are so many ways to fuse two cultures in your home. It allows you and your partner to share your beliefs, personalities, and style freely. It’s also an effective way to show your guests the unique elements of your partner that made you fall in love with him.

Through this, culture design embellishes your family’s lineage and history.

Expressing Your Cultural Roots

Incorporating culture into your home’s interior is a crucial step that should express your deep cultural roots. While most cultures are based on beliefs and practices, it can also involve traveling and visiting places that ultimately represent your roots. These trips include the moments you cherish the most. So how can you incorporate your cultural trips into your home’s interior?

The answer is pretty simple. You can display photos of your trips related to your culture. For instance, if you grew up in Hawaii, bring home some Hawaiian Red Sea salt or display a lauhala in your garden. These things will remind you of your culture and catch the attention of anyone who visits your home.

Allow your culture to have the spotlight through your home’s designs and see how your guests connect on a deeper level with what matters to you through the statement your house provides. It’s critical to take your time in designing your interior- add a personal touch, put your passions on display, and let your designs reflect who you are as a unique individual.

Regardless of your definition of culture- whether it’s religion, beliefs, practices, or places you visit- incorporating culture into your home can result in positive outcomes and reactions from people.





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