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Right Expectations: Things that Might Surprise New Dog Parents

Most people get wrapped up in the excitement of pet ownership due to social media or movies. It’s easy to make this experience look all glamorous in photos, and even more so in films where the dog saves the day. What the unsuspecting masses who’s never taken care of a dog don’t realize is that there’s a lot more mess behind the scenes than some people are prepared for.

Handling Petzilla

Dogs, especially puppies, will ruin something in your house. Slippers are prime targets and easy to replace. Documents and furniture, though, are something else.

Their destructive behavior has varying causes. Puppies chew on everything within reach to ease the pain of teething. Older dogs tear things apart due to stress, anxiety, or boredom. A simple change in their routine or your schedule can trigger these emotions. Other times, it’s a lack of stimulation that sets their focus on destroying your sofa.

Digging and chewing serve as outlets for their pent-up frustration. Always check on puppies and provide safe toys for them to chew. High-endurance dogs like Labradors and German Shepherds need plenty of physical stimulation.

If you live in Salt Lake City, you have many pet parks to choose from. It’s a great place for pets to make new friends, and you can even get training advice from other owners there.

Save your visit to a furniture store after your puppy has stopped teething. It’s a waste of investment to buy a new sofa and pillow only to have a restless pet destroy them. Until then, consider everything your house a possible casualty to your dog’s chewing habits.

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Surviving the Stink

It’s a smelly process. Few films and social media photos include this less glamorous part of pet ownership. Depending on your dog’s age, breed, and your methods, potty training can take weeks or months for your dog to master.

While detailed instructions shared by trainers and other owners online help, they don’t always apply to every pet. You’ll have to discover on your own if your dog relieves itself right after eating or waits for 30 minutes. This can mean several trips to the backyard during the day and a generous amount of poop in the house to clean at midnight.

The tricks to potty training are treats and consistency—dogs like routines. When you’re consistent in sending them to the backyard after meals and giving rewards, they’ll soon make a habit of it.

Figuring Out Illnesses

Labradors have allergies. Siberian Huskies suffer from autoimmune disorders that can affect their vision. Bulldogs are prone to respiratory problems.

Like humans, dogs can have health problems. Their genetics plays a vital role, as well as their environment and lifestyle. In your first few months as a pet owner, you might encounter puking caused by overeating or hunger. Diarrhea, too, is common in dogs who experience stressful situations like living in a new home.

Get yourself acquainted with the health issues your dog is predisposed to. Be familiar with red flags that necessitate a visit to a veterinarian. Some problems can be resolved with a change in kibble or routine, while others need an expert’s help.

Parenting with Love

Behind every great pet is a loving and determined fur parent. While pet ownership comes with its set of challenges, don’t give up your dreams of owning one. Enter this responsibility with the right expectations, as well as a healthy savings account.

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