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On Getting Cold Feet: Top 3 Pre-Wedding Jitters, Solved

Believe it or not, pre-wedding jitters are more common than most people think. Almost every bride and groom gets them, only differing when it comes to the reason. Some are worried about ceremony details, what if the photographer shows up late or what the guests would think about the venue. Others fear that they might not be ready yet for married life. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, be assured that it’s possible to get a hold of them. Here’s a rundown of common causes of anxiety and ways you can deal with them:

Wedding Day

Most people fear that something will not go as planned on the wedding day: the weather becoming gloomy, the dress suddenly not fitting right, or suppliers backing out at the last minute. These tiny details clog up your mind that you probably find it hard to sleep well at night.

How to deal with it: First, manage your expectations. The truth is, there will be details that will be messed up on the day of your wedding. There’s no such thing as a perfectly polished ceremony. As early as now, embrace that imperfection. What you’re aiming for is to make as little mistakes as you can. In that aspect, what you need is a reliable wedding planner, along with trusted vendors, from caterers to professional wedding videographers. If you have these on your team, then you can rest assured that they’ll do their job right. If something goes wrong, they’ll be able to do the necessary adjustments to create the wedding you would want.

Financial Challenges

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Weddings don’t come cheap. In fact, for many couples, it’s the second most expensive ‘purchase’ they made after the house. From the catering and the venue to the entourage outfits down to photo and video documentation, everything comes with a pretty heavy price tag. It’s perfectly understandable that you’re worrying over the state of your finances when you decide to marry.

How to deal with it: From the get-go, commit to creating and staying within your budget. Identify which items are worth saving and splurging on. See if there are details you can DIY. From there, filter through your guests. Explain respectfully to your parents that distant uncles and aunts you don’t know and haven’t seen ever won’t be invited.

Marital Roles

When it’s not the actual event, people worry over what comes after the wedding. You’re probably thinking of these questions, “Am I really prepared to become a husband?”, “Do I have what it takes to raise good kids?”, and the common “Can I really commit to a life of faithfulness?” As much as you do your own introspection, you also worry about what your partner thinks about them being a faithful wife or mother. This adds another layer of jitters.

How to deal with it: If you’re second-guessing your decision and commitment to marry, look back at that time when you felt that you were ready. Obviously, you wouldn’t propose or agree to tie the knot if you didn’t have the resolve that you want to embrace this new chapter in your life. Remember that time when you decided. Sometimes, the only antidote to anxiety is remembering reassurance. Reminisce with your fiancé. This will jumpstart conversations that can hopefully give you a stronger sense of decisiveness on taking on marital responsibilities.

Have you been struggling with pre-wedding jitters lately? It’s perfectly normal to experience that. But take heart, as long as you’re holding hands with the right person, everything will be fine in the end.

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