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Connect to Your Clients Better: Use Your Website to Establish Rapport

Good relationships keep your business secure. This rings true the most with your clients. Through this bond, you convert buyers into patrons and impact your target market better. It’s an easy formula, but one that some businesses still can’t apply well.

Don’t wait for them to contact you before you invest in an excellent first impression. Revamp your website to the do the job for you even before they show interest in your product or service

Tell Your Story

Your website is your most important touchpoint. Without you knowing it, you’re either attracting more customers or repelling them with your content. Nowadays, it’s not enough that you have graphics on your homepage or a stunning aesthetic. People want something to connect to—something personal.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to tell your story.

Every business started somewhere. It doesn’t have to include a lot of drama for it to be interesting. What you need is a compelling idea and a good boutique video production company to tell it.

Tempting as it is to share your story through words, you have to accept that people are more inclined to watch a video than to read a well-written piece. Keep your video short, enticing, and relatable to kick-off an excellent rapport.

Introduce Your Staff

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Never underestimate the power of a ‘meet the team’ page. Showing clients that there are real people behind your operations goes a long way in making their experience with you more personal.

This is especially crucial in an age when most online transactions are automated and scams are prevalent. It puts their minds at ease knowing who’s accountable for the products or services they’re going to purchase.

Boost your professional appeal with high-quality portraits that show some personality. Include relevant information like educational attainments, tenure in your industry, and achievements. It improves their trust in you when they know that you hire qualified people.

You can go the extra mile by adding videos showing them at work. This is most effective for restaurants, personal coaches, and other service-oriented industries. The more access you give them to these kinds of materials, the better they connect with you.

Share Well-written Testimonials

Testimonials shouldn’t sound like the blurbs in self-help books. For them to work their magic, they need a touch of authenticity. Otherwise, this third-party endorsement strategy might appeal to others like reviews left by your staff.

Make it a point to ask clients for testimonials. Shoot them a brief email relaying this request, and always give them an option to decline. It’s also vital that you let them approve the edited version of their testimonial. Some clients become too enthusiastic and write several paragraphs about their experience with you. No matter how well-written that is, you’ll need to trim it to thirty to fifty words for it to achieve its purpose on your website.

One thing you should never forget is to include the client’s name. If they approve, add their designation and company also. This is the finishing touch that proves the testimonial is genuine.

A good rapport leads to interaction, and that interaction has the potential to turn into a relationship. Once your website does its job of delivering the impression you want, the next challenge is making sure your clients aren’t met with disappointment. Follow through with quality service all the time, and you’re on your way to making patrons of each customer.

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