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Your Graduation Bucket List: 5 Things You Must Do Before Leaving High School

Your high school graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a milestone that marks your transition to adulthood. It is an important event in everyone’s lives. Before you leave the halls of your high school where you spent years learning and making friends for good, here are the things that you must do.

Take Lots of Photos

The best way to make a moment last forever is to take a photo. Use your smartphone or a polaroid camera to take photos of yourself, your friends, your classmates and teachers, and all your favorite spots in school. Better yet, hire a high school senior photographer. In Utah, there are plenty of talented photographers who can capture exactly the person you are like in high school. No generic photos that show nothing about your unique personality.

Instead of dumping these photos on Facebook or Instagram, create a scrapbook that you can browse whenever you want to reminisce about the good old days.

Have a Chat with the Teacher Who Helped You the Most

We all have a favorite teacher who understood our struggles and has made the most difference in our lives. Invite your favorite teacher to lunch or write them a heart-felt letter to tell them how they meant to you.

Teaching is often a thankless job; your teacher will be grateful to hear that they had a positive impact on their students. They will be inspired to continue being a good teacher.

If you want to, you can try and get their contact information so you can reach out and catch up whenever. Ask for their e-mail address. It might come in handy in the future in case you need references when you apply to graduate school.

Make a Time Capsule

Collect anything that you treasure right (plus some that you don’t) and place them all in a box that will serve as a time capsule. A few examples that you can put inside your time capsule are photos, movie stubs, handwritten letters, essays, a copy of your favorite book or movie, a mix of all the songs that you like to listen to now. Basically, anything that means something to you should go to the memory box.

Decide on a future date when you will be allowed to open it and remember all the great experiences you have had. Make it at least five years in the future. Do this with your best friends to make it even more special.

Apologize to Someone You Have Had a Rift With


Before you graduate, settle any conflict you have had with any of your schoolmates. Whether it is a former friend that you fought with or someone in your class that you treated badly, you should try to apologize and make peace. Invite them to eat lunch with you at the cafeteria and hangout.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Not every day in your school was a walk in the park. However, one day, you will miss the halls where you walk have to walk through to get to class several times a day and the chair where you spend all these years learning. In the middle of doing assignments and attending extracurricular activities, pause and take a moment to appreciate the experiences you have had and the privilege of going to school.

Your high school graduation is the end of one chapter of your life. Make the most out of it by making memories that you will remember fondly for the rest of your life.

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