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The growth of the vlogging craze shows no signs of slowing down—from people who vlog about primitive technology to celebrities trying to reach their fans in another way. You can’t blame them. Who does not want to go viral and earn money by making videos? But if you think that vlogging is just taking a video of you buying stuff at Target and uploading it online, you are wrong. Creating videos requires so much effort, talent, and strategy. This is why there are still millions of channels that are struggling to increase their following. However, don’t let this scare you; here are some tips that can help you start your vlogging journey:

Follow your passion

The most important thing in vlogging is to follow your passion. Do the things you love and share these with the world through videos. With this, you can attract people who share your taste and passion. Otherwise, if you only focus on making funny or trendy vlogs to engage your audience, you cannot achieve much. ; If you are an architect, why don’t you focus on reviewing people’s houses and giving remarks on it from an architect’s perspective? If you love playing Sims, you can stream yourself doing in-game challenges and building stunning houses. By following your passion when vlogging, you won’t get easily tired of making videos and may even achieve longevity in the YouTube world.

Master the art of editing.

If you dive into the vlogging world right now, you are joining the other 31 million YouTube channels trying their luck in vlogging. Like how corporate film production companies make stunning and memorable video ads, you have to make your videos unique. The art of editing can take you there. Not a lot of video creators on YouTube are good editors. Start by taking some basic editing courses like Adobe Rush or Adobe Premiere Pro. You can also check out the videos of famous creators; observe how they shoot and edit their videos. Take note of their camera angles and plot their sound effects.


Never skip on research.

Choosing a topic is not difficult, especially if you’re working on something you are passionate about. But like writing articles or speaking in public, know the ins and outs of your topic. Never skip research, as this helps you create credibility and gain the trust of viewers and eventually grow an audience. Establishing your niche can open possibilities to affiliate marketing and personal branding.

There’s nothing wrong with creating videos on popular or trending topics. It will help you gain popularity in a short period. But if your goal is longevity and growing your audience online, it’s best to stick to topics that you deeply know or genuinely and easily talk about.

Keep on honing your storytelling.

Quality cannot be achieved overnight. However, if you keep on honing your skills, you can eventually achieve making consistently high-quality videos. Keep an eye on how you tell your story and edit your videos. As much as people watch your videos for the information that you give, they stay for your story

Vlogging is not easy. It’s not just about taking videos and uploading them on YouTube. You have to know the story that you would like to tell and make sure that your audience would understand it.

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