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The Right Way of Rocking a Concert

Your favorite band is coming to town. You get all giddy and pumped to buy the tickets at the earliest time possible. You gather your gang and plan for the special day. On the other side of this story, your favorite performers are also doing their best to prepare for the show. Endless rehearsals are being done to master their acts. The organizers are also busy with planning and groundwork. They have commissioned an excellent stagehand company in Idaho to create a memorable setup. Everybody seems ready to rock the whole event.

Surely, you would not want all these to go to waste. But sometimes, it is easy to bring everything to the concert except for some basic etiquette. What things must one keep in mind for everybody to have a good time?

Time and Timing Matter

It is basic to come on time, even an hour or a half earlier. When you are in a queue for presenting your tickets, have everything ready. You would not want to wait until you are in front of the line before you rummage in your bag for an ID and your ticket. This might earn you an ire from people behind you.

Intermissions are also set to give you the time to have snacks or take bathroom breaks. You would not want to interrupt other people while the show is ongoing because you want to go elsewhere.

It is Not Right to Get Physical

People get excited, especially in concerts like these. But it is never acceptable or enjoyable to push and shove. There are gentler ways to get moving. A simple tap on the shoulder of another concertgoer will give the correct signal.

Also, once you have your spot, do not elbow your way to the front. If you want to be on a vantage point, come early. This way, you would not be stepping on another’s toe by claiming a good spot.

No Overloading of Senses

at a concert

The stage is already full of things that serve as a feast for the senses. This is the reason people come to the event in the first place. It is not your job to add some more. In reality, what you will do at most is to annoy people around you. Thus, for one, be gentle with the atomizer. If the place is full of people, not everybody will be happy to have a whiff of whatever scent you have decided to put on that day.

The second thing is the most basic but most forgotten area. Conversations have no place in a concert arena. You are there to enjoy the performances, not to let everybody know of your personal lives. Also, put your phone in a silent mode. Nobody loves interruptions caused by incessant ringing and beeping. You can sing or hum along, but not at the expense of the eardrums of the person beside you. Keep all sounds low.

Respect personal space to a certain degree. It is inevitable to have some dancing going. Do not take up more space than what is for you. The person next to you might not appreciate having somebody else’s sweat slathered all over them. Personal space also translates to not blocking the view. Be mindful of people behind you. Holding your phone high while recording might hinder them from getting their money’s worth. Put that phone down and enjoy the moment. Let others enjoy, too.

Get all your fan paraphernalia ready. Be ready to have the time of your life. But remember to take good manners along with you. Respect is never overrated.

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