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Why We Should Normalize Intimate Weddings

Before the pandemic, intimate weddings were considered a bit unusual. Despite couples knowing its advantages, most still pushed for a big wedding, with around 100 guests. As such, even if you are only an acquaintance to the bride or groom, getting an invitation to their big day isn’t surprising.

But of course, COVID-19 changed that. Couples who had already reserved a wedding day in that year were either forced to cancel it or turn it into an intimate one. Only immediate family members and a select few friends were present in the ceremony, and they all wore face masks. Social distancing was also observed.

A few months into the pandemic, we expected things to return to normal before the year ended. Couples who postponed their wedding still hoped to carry on with their big celebration by late 2020. But alas, even if the vaccines have been rolled out in December, big gatherings remained restricted.

This unprecedented turn of events shows that nothing is really predictable in this world. Intimate weddings should be normalized in 2021 and beyond for that reason. COVID-19 won’t be the last pandemic we’ll experience, so we better be prepared for another deadly virus that will come upon us.

Getting Vaccinated Isn’t Your Ticket to a Big Wedding

When the vaccines became available, our biggest question is whether getting the shots will finally allow us to have a bigger wedding. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The general population may not get their first doses of the vaccine until May, and immunity doesn’t kick in until two weeks after the second dose, which is administered a month after the first.

Moreover, experts state that we can’t go back to normal — meaning there will be no more social distancing — until every country in the world has already eradicated the virus. That means each country has to have vaccinated 70% of their population, at least.

Hence, the existence of the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t your ticket to a big wedding yet. You still need your face masks, disinfectants, and distance. If you really want to push your huge guest list through, 2022 may be a good bet.

Intimate Weddings Offer More Creative Room

Many couples don’t realize that the biggest expense at a wedding is food and drink. The bigger the headcount is, the higher the catering bills will be. You could be spending hundreds of dollars for one person alone. Considering that, it’s really more financially-wise to opt for an intimate wedding.

An intimate wedding doesn’t exceed 75 guests, but some can go as few as only six guests. But whether you choose to max out the 75 or just invite as few people as necessary, you’d be saving big bucks on food and drink. You can use your remaining budget to get more creative in your event styling. Some couples use their extra funds on a more elaborate menu presentation, or on top-notch decor and entertainment.

Intimate Weddings Brought Back Weddings to its Roots

At the time when couples seemed to be competing on who would have the grandest wedding, ceremonies and receptions tend to be focused on frivolous details. Pre-nuptial photoshoots boasted expensive-looking themes, and same-day edits were of cinematic quality. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting the best documentation for your wedding, obsessing over superficial details can take away the essence of the event.

When weddings happened during the pandemic, wedding photographer and videographer packages drastically changed. Couples found more creative ways to connect, such as through virtual gatherings, intimate elopements in beautiful places, and masked dance parties. Capturing these moments will make more interesting wedding albums.

Speaking of wedding albums, more couples also started investing in them, rather than in digital wedding photos alone. Even if the pandemic emphasized the importance of using social media to connect, it only made us appreciate keepsakes more. Hence, couples realized the value of having a physical wedding memento, like the old times.

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Couples Have a Better Time With Only a Few Guests

This doesn’t mean couples don’t appreciate a long guest list. But when it’s only their closest family and friends around, they can take their hospitality game up to the next level. They can pay attention to each guest, and feel assured that everyone’s having a great time. Plus, in an intimate wedding, chances are the guests all know each other well. As such, there will be no awkward moments, and you can truly feel like a big family during the ceremony and reception.

Intimate weddings may not be for everyone, but it’s time to stop regarding them as unusual or secretive. Some couples just prefer the company of the ones who have joined them in their journey, so let’s respect their decision to hold a small celebration.

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